Build a Responsive Website Using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and GSAP Animations

Written by Brian

Learn how to build a responsive website using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and GSAP animations.

You can buy the full source code below.

I will be using VS Code for my code editor.

I've installed a few extensions for this project. You will need to install the extensions "live server" and "prettier" in order to replicate my setup. There are additional extensions I have installed, but they are not necessary for creating the website.

I created a tutorial showing how I made the website on Youtube.

Watch the full tutorial on Youtube here

Also, I'm documenting everything I'm learning and the projects I'm building on my Youtube channel. If you want to follow me along my coding journey, be sure to subscribe here

If you want to help support the channel, so I can continue making content, then you can purchase the full source code below. You will get instant access to the complete source code and can start customizing the design or using it for your portfolio.